1. Gotta teach this kid how to park her ride… #latergram

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  2. Oh my. That’s exquisite. #scotchtalk

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  3. okay 2022 - taking Alice up half dome ;)

  4. Dumped or Fired - Day Drinking

    From my awesome friend and colleague, Dave Urlakis, a new web series about the pitfalls of friendship.

    Actually, I’ve no idea what this series is about save that there are very funny people in it and they drink during the day because they all work third shift.


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  5. This was how amazing our camping site was this year. #latergram #chimich2014

  6. I shall call this beach ‘the beach ’ #chimich2014 #latergram

  7. What’s up chair? Wanna live with us?

  8. madddscience:

    Here, the 1981 kids’ book “Future War and Weapons” by Neil Ardley tries to come up with a gritty dystopian future, instead settles on goofy primary-color police helmets. Classic retro-futurism.



    THATS THE NAME OF THE GUY. I probably had every book in that crazy future series. It’s what I still see in my dreams when I think of the future.

    So satisfying to know that after all these years.

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  9. Sunset like a fire outside.

  10. Polishing off the fudge at the Pine Cone. #chimich2014 (at The Pine Cone)

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  11. setting up camp with the new tent. grateful for the help!

  12. videomaniacs:

    We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jet Li’s #FistOfLegend August 23 @cinefamily!

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