1. Playing after Easter egg hunt! (at Belding 102)

  2. mattbraunger:

    Can’t tell who this bull is. So mysterious.

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    That bull’s eyes look *just* like that orphaned Wayne Bull…

  3. hiddenlex:


    That time Winston broke the 4th wall…


    The Hannibal social media team does it again.

  4. fastcodesign:

    How Cereal Boxes Are Designed To Hypnotize You

    In a study of over 65 cereals and 86 mascots across 10 different grocery stores in New York and Connecticut, Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab studied the characters on the front of cereal boxes. What they found is that all characters and people on cereal boxes —whether Lucky the Leprechaun, or Michael Jordan on a box of Wheaties—are designed to make eye contact with the intended consumer. In fact, they have almost exactly the same focal point: they are staring out from the box at a spot about four feet away, which is the average distance from the shelf of a customer walking down a supermarket aisle.

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    freaky - but that makes sense.  I would make the same choice.  I would just make a different earlier choice to not peddle garbage though. 

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  5. Gah. Sad truths.  I think I’ll head home at 5p today :)


    "I wish I hadn’t focused on my career so much when my kids were young. I missed out on some key moments."
    "What was your thought process at the time?"
    "I told myself that I was spending time away from them in order to improve their circumstances."

  6. how freaking cute were these ladies!?

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  7. I know Wrigley turns 100 this year but Comiskey was the one where the I liked played.  Also, they actually won of few games.  Even a series!


    Rooftops, circa 1917, Comiskey Park, Chicago.


  8. creativemornings:

    "There will never be a day where the rules of the web are written down in concrete."

    —Simon Collison.

    Watch the talk here.

    But I would really like to make a wall where we add the rules that stood for 6 months or so, like an evolution of Moses’ tablets.

  9. I want a coffee table book called “Wet Streets and Bright Lights” and it’s just photographs like this from every major city.


    Crossing Randolph at Dearborn, 1956, Chicago.

  10. humansofnewyork:

    "I want to design rocket engines."
    "What’s one way that you think rockets will change the world that people don’t currently anticipate?"
    "Space mining. Sunlight in particular. Most people think of space as being very cold, but if you step out of your spacesuit into direct sunlight, your blood will boil. On earth, the energy of the sun is largely absorbed by the atmosphere. So in space, solar panels could be much more effective."

    I hope this guy gets to do what he wants and then is featured in a tumblr blogs called “Humans of outer space”

  11. Causality.

  12. Work today. (at Jellyvision)