1. If grilling chicken this way at 11pm is wrong, I don’t want to ever be right.

    Oh, it’s not clear but the brine is 2qts water 1/3 kosher salt and 1/4 cup sugar. If serving right away, use a 1/4 cup salt.

  2. Ah the glamour of the photoshoot. Kinda love my ‘hood. (at Kennedy Expressway)

  3. Huh. That’s what’s inside a standing lamp base. had no idea they could spontaneously decompose like this. Really looking forward to that self pouring beer coming my way!

  4. Happy 4th of July! (Race race race) (at Independence Park)

  5. Been a while. Somehow it’s all changed a bit though. #mischievous #AliceSitsInThings

  6. humansofnewyork:

    "I’ve been a deep believer my whole life. 18 years as a Southern Baptist. More than 40 years as a mainline Protestant. I’m an ordained pastor. But it’s just stopped making sense to me. You see people doing terrible things in the name of religion, and you think: ‘Those people believe just as strongly as I do. They’re just as convinced as I am.’ And it just doesn’t make sense anymore. It doesn’t make sense to believe in a God that dabbles in people’s lives. If a plane crashes, and one person survives, everyone thanks God. They say: ‘God had a purpose for that person. God saved her for a reason!’ Do we not realize how cruel that is? Do we not realize how cruel it is to say that if God had a purpose for that person, he also had a purpose in killing everyone else on that plane? And a purpose in starving millions of children? A purpose in slavery and genocide? For every time you say that there’s a purpose behind one person’s success, you invalidate billions of people. You say there is a purpose to their suffering. And that’s just cruel.

    wow - it’s one thing for me to just live my life (young life in comparison) and feel this way.  But to have someone live a life of faith and belief and say this…  There is just so much more to do and then, still yet to do.

  8. Kinda sad. No swimsuit. #mayfair filter at Mayfair park. (at Mayfair Park)

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  9. [5-Year-Old Anna:] Content? [knocks]

    Do you wanna build a carousel?

    Come on, let’s go and play!

    I never see the content now

    The images flicker past

    It’s like you’ve gone away

    We used to be more focused

    And now we’re not

    I wish you would tell me why!

    Do you wanna build a carousel?

    It doesn’t have to be a carousel…

    [8-Year-Old Elsa:] Go away, User.

    [5-Year-Old Anna:] Okay, bye…

    [9-Year-Old Anna (knocks):]

    Do you wanna build a carousel?

    Or pitch our newest wares?

    I think our company is overdue

    I’ve started talking to

    The links in the navbar!

    (Hang in there, Joan.)

    It gets a little crazy

    All these tiny buttons

    Just watching new stuff go by…

    (tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

    [15-Year-Old Anna (knocks):]

    Content, please I know you’re in there

    People are asking where you’ve been

    They say, “Have courage,” and I’m trying to

    I’m right out here for you

    Just let me in

    We only have each other

    It’s just you and me

    What are we gonna do?

    Do you wanna build a carousel? [sniff]

  10. themanonfive:

    Ted Williams comes up to bat at old Comiskey Park (1957)

    this is so gorgeous.  I can’t even comprehend how much i love this.

    (Source: TIME)

  11. So.. This rock turned Alice from a screaming banshee into normal again.

  12. thisistheverge:

    How Beats conquered the world)
    No one knew they needed $300 headphones until Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine came along

    i don’t even know where to start with how much this headline is bullshit.