1. Woot. Seeing a movie at the music box for the first time in too long.The master! In 70mm no less!

  2. Nice afternoon at the beach. Lots of running around! (at Montrose Harbor)

  3. Alice and her ‘baby rhino’ (at Montrose Breach)

  4. Watching the blockparty on the next street over.

  5. Reacting to picture a friends new baby. #selfie

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  6. There’s gonna be a new sheriff in this here bounce house.

  7. Beautiful shadow puppetry by @weilchristopher. Poor @daveurlakis though, right?

  8. Hanging outside at golden hour yesterday. Makes anyone look thoughtful.

  9. I found this wildling in the street covered in brownies and streamers. Can I keep it? #blockparty

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  10. Crawfish boil at the Block party!


  11. 132. If you don’t know what a word means, ask. Before it’s too late.

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    It’s true. ┬áThe brainy, beautiful girl in your sophomore AP American History class will excoriate you publicly and you will ALWAYS REGRET LOOKING SO DUMB.

  12. Alice’s style icon status will lot be denied.