1. This was how amazing our camping site was this year. #latergram #chimich2014

  2. I shall call this beach ‘the beach ’ #chimich2014 #latergram

  3. What’s up chair? Wanna live with us?

  4. madddscience:

    Here, the 1981 kids’ book “Future War and Weapons” by Neil Ardley tries to come up with a gritty dystopian future, instead settles on goofy primary-color police helmets. Classic retro-futurism.



    THATS THE NAME OF THE GUY. I probably had every book in that crazy future series. It’s what I still see in my dreams when I think of the future.

    So satisfying to know that after all these years.

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  5. Sunset like a fire outside.

  6. Polishing off the fudge at the Pine Cone. #chimich2014 (at The Pine Cone)

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  7. setting up camp with the new tent. grateful for the help!

  8. videomaniacs:

    We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jet Li’s #FistOfLegend August 23 @cinefamily!

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  9. Which way? (At the beach) #chimich2014

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  10. Vacation. #chimich2014 (at Esch Road Beach)

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  11. Playing cards to stay out of the storm in our cavern tent with @elephantville, @shellidifranco, Ben, and new friends Ken and Elena.

  12. Happy 4th anniversary to my awesome and supportive wife, Margaret. Alice and I are lucky to have her!