1. Hibiki 12 and sushi. Not a bad pairing. #scotch #food

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  2. Magic city. #skyline #bridge (at North Avenue Bridge)

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  3. Who remembers these from The Unborn shoot? Putting one to use now!

  4. You can roll like this in the DC.

  5. Alice always wears her ‘hamp’ (helmet) when she goes on a ‘boku ride’ (bike scooter ride). #talesalicetells

  6. Yay for soft tonal range.

  7. This guy. This f’in guy. Amirite?

  8. She covered herself with a towel, laid down on the bath mat and declared, ‘my bed now, Baba.’ #talesAliceTells

  9. Woot. Seeing a movie at the music box for the first time in too long.The master! In 70mm no less!

  10. Nice afternoon at the beach. Lots of running around! (at Montrose Harbor)

  11. Alice and her ‘baby rhino’ (at Montrose Breach)

  12. Watching the blockparty on the next street over.